Haitian Blue Mountain


A medium roasted arabica. Exceptionally smooth and mild, yet full-bodied and complex with subtle sweet chocolate overtones and floral and herbal notes.



About Our Coffees

Our products are specialty coffees grown in Africa, Central and South America and the Caribbean. The coffees we make are specialty brewed coffee, cappuccino, expresso, iced coffee, flavored coffee, and cold brew coffee along with a variety of snacks including gelato, frozen yogurt, bagels, muffins, cookies, and drinks like bottled water and juice.

The coffees we source are, at a minimum, Fair Trade certified. The goal of Fair Trade is to create partnerships and terms of trade that will be financially and ethically beneficial to producers. In simpler terms, this means the beans we roast are bought at a fair price which allows the hardworking people growing the coffee to make a living off their efforts.

A History of The Little Coffee Shop Company at a Glance

The Little Coffee Shop Company has two branded coffee products. The first is Buckeye Coffee Roasters, first branded in Columbus Ohio in 2016. The second, Mad Dawg Coffee, branded in Alpharetta, GA, in 2021. We intend to brand a half dozen more coffees as we expand into other states.

The Little Coffee Shop Company offers a wide range of specially roasted and blended coffees. The Little Coffee Shop Company will be using Kent Parrill’s twenty-five years as a master coffee roaster and coffee shop owner to implement this business opportunity. The Little Coffee Shop Company has chosen a half dozen coffee producers to provide beans to roast and blend.

Blending different types of beans makes a huge difference in the quality of the coffee. The Little Coffee Shop Company is privy to decades of blending recipes from Africa, South America, and the Caribbean coffee growers. The roasting technique plays the most important role in the taste of the coffee.

The Little Coffee Shop Company purchases a wide range of specialty coffees from our worldwide distributors who trade directly from farmers, small plantations, and single estates. This insures that the farmers are paid more than what Fair Trade requires.

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